analytics and bug tracking for Electron apps

Cross-platform and real-time with bug reports and offline tracking. As simple as including the Node module.

const Nucleus = require("nucleus-nodejs")

Nucleus.track("view_opened", {
  title: "Settings"

Focus on what matters


You can't know what you don't measure.

Bug Tracking

See the most impactive bugs and fix them quickly.


See who is using your app and how.

Analytics should not be painful

Our product revolves around 3 values


No more complicated dashboard. Useful information at first glance.

Demo dashboard →


We don't sell your data and only collect the strict necessary.

What we collect →


Modules for the main languages that'll make integrating a breeze.

See the docs →


Bug reporting

Detect bugs as they happen to improve your app accordingly.

User tracking

Identify users and follow their actions through your app.

Real-time data

See who are the users actively using your app right now.

Track events (with data)

Track actions in your app with events and remark improvable behaviors.

Offline support

Bugs and analytics data will be captured offline and synced as soon as online.

Designed for Electron

Use the Node module to start tracking your app with a tracking id. That easy.

Start monitoring your app today

Free 30-days trial to get acquainted.

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If I'm not happy, can I cancel my subscription?

Of course, you can cancel anytime yourself from your dashboard if you are not satisfied. If you cancel before your trial ends you won't be billed.

Is my data safe with Nucleus?

Communications between your app and Nucleus are done with SSL. You can ask us anytime that all your data be erased from our servers. We run off-site backups of your data every day.

What data is collected?

We list all the data collected on this page. We only collect the necessary data and only use it to provide you with analytics.

Can I export my data?

Yes, all your data can be exported via the API or downloaded as CSV from the dashboard.

Does tracking continue offline?

Yes. Using the modules, events and bugs data are cached on the client while waiting for an internet connection. As soon as the client connects, data is synced.